Fly Fishing – Droppers

I am beginning to become familiar with different fishing techniques, although I still don't know how and when to use them.  So the following are some articles about using a dropper.  From these, I'm hoping to learn how to use this technique.  

Since I fish the Blue River in Oklahoma, I think this will be a good technique to perfect.




Dave's Notes:  This is a good description of fishing with two flies that are designed to sink toward the bottom.  But I can't visualize his description of how to set up the line.  I need a visual on this.


Techniques of Wet Fly Fishing | Barrow Angling Association


For beginner anglers, it is probably best to start with one fly, then go to two flies when comfortable with basic casting and wet fly fishing technique. Either way, one nice thing about a dropper fly is that it allows anglers to test out




Dave's Notes: Follow the link in this post.  The video referenced here is a good illustration of how to set up a dropper.  I'm so new, I don't understand yet the point of the "loop" he refers to.  But, I'm getting the impression that you have a line weighted at the bottom and then the fly is tied 12-24 inches above.  The quality of the video is good, so I give it Grace 7.

Tippets: Variation on a Dropper, Images from Colorado River


If you fish a dry dropper, especially for large and aggressive species, give a look at the alternative rigging presented by Ty Goodwin on Fine Water Fly Fishing, of Curtis Owens tying a dropper loop variation. Photographs taken


The Importance of Knowing Fly Fishing Techniques


You also can use more than one fly in fly fishing techniques. This technique is known as a dropper fly. The benefit from this technique is that you have a bigger opportunity in catching fish. Aside from some techniques that you